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About Us

Rio Rentals for Less was founded by an ex-New Yorker, now permanent resident of Brazil.  He began renting apartments in both New York and Los Angeles in the early 80’s.  In 1985 he took his first trip to Rio.  In 1986, along with several other vacationers to Rio, he began the “Carioca Brothers”, a U.S. travelers' group. 

In 1989 our founder began renting apartments in Rio.  Throughout the years, he has helped countless travelers become acquainted with Brazil and helped them with any issues that may have arisen during their stay.  After twelve years of renting apartments in Rio, he began Rio Rentals 4 Less

Rio Rentals for Less is based in the glorious city of Rio de Janeiro.  We offer various travel-related services and are in the process of expanding.  We currently offer apartment rentals, cellular phone rentals, and real estate services.  In the very near future we will offer air travel arrangements, hotel reservations, tour arrangements, and others services yet to be announced.

Given our background, we offer our services based on a strong knowledge of Brazil.  We can help you plan the best itinerary based on expertise that doesn't exist in other agencies.  Whatever your interests, style, budget, or business plans may be, we can help you plan the best itinerary.  Most of all, we strive to make your travel and stay in Brazil the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your lifetime.

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